--==!!Hacked By Fl!rTyy D3v!LL!!==--

    --==!! AB KI BAAR !!==-- :-*
    NARENDRA MODI KI MAAR "Father Of The Whole India" Was In Your System .....

    Fucked Your Security
    Your Fucking Firewalls Cant Stop Me

    Govt. Of India Its Time To Repay For what you have done to our Kashmiri Brothers
    You Killed Them Just Because they Support and Want to be a part of Pakistan

    You Killed Many Innocent Kashmiris In The Name Of MUJAHIDDIN. Your Army Imprisoned & Killed Many Men And Children Who Protest Against Brutatilty & Stood Up for The Freedom Of Kashmir. Raped Many Innocent Women For Their Desires & After All This You Think Kashmir Is A Part Of Baharat. We Don't Think So
    Also, this Hack Is A protest Of hacking Pakistani Sites By Indian KidS....
    We are Sleeping Not Dead
    So Back Off From Our Cyberspace

    We Don't Forgive We Don't Forget

    Free Kashmir !!!!
    Pakistan Will Always Remain On the Top INSHALLAh !!!
    Pakistan Zinda Bad !!!

    -=- You Have Been Hacked By -=- Fl!rTyy D3v!LL -=-
    -=- ./Logout =-

    ExPecT Me
    Never forgive
    Never Forget


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