What is Modernization?

We refer to modernization as the practice of enhancing or replacing existing systems and technologies in order to move towards newer standards based platforms while preserving existing business logic.  In practice, the Art of Modernization enables a business to implement their systems on modern technology while retaining the business logic in those systems.

Since 2004, Vgo has performed over 30 projects globally, modernizing Oracle Forms, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and C++. Vgo has modernized these applications to JEE, Oracle ADF, and Microsoft .NET running on different platforms.

Vgo offers modernization expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis and planning for the modernization of legacy database technology, application architecture and infrastructure.
  • Conversion of Sybase, Informix, Microsoft, UDB/DB2 database platforms to Oracle 11g.
  • Modernization of legacy applications to web technologies.
  • Stabilization of existing systems via upgrades (Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft).
  • Strategic consulting, analysis, planning and execution of legacy modernization to Cloud architectures.

Vgo also offers managed services to support your systems going forward and training to your development team in new technologies, positioning your company to focus on its business goals.

Vgo Modernization Benefits

Vgo is a leader in tools-assisted modernization services. We leverage our tools, Evo and ART, in all of our engagements to provide insight, quality and speed to the modernization effort. By using this combination of service expertise and proprietary tools and processes, we provide optimum business benefits, such as:

  • A “business-first” approach ensuring business benefit in the modernization activity.
  • Thorough, high-quality, modernization service, encompassing all aspects of IT and business processing.
  • A completely developed and tested end-state, converted from your legacy platform.
  • Delivery of a clean, highly-maintainable and enterprise-class business application.
  • Completely documented deliverables and an emphasis on knowledge transfer and transition.
  • Well-designed services that allow your staff to continue to support existing business or drive other efforts by leading the direction of the project instead of heads-down development or testing.

Word of caution: Reliance on internal teams or external vendors who are not experts in this field of work often leads to extensive budget increases and scheduling delays due to unanticipated challenges.

Contact Vgo to speak with our experienced modernization engineers. Discover how we can move your business to a modern operating platform.

Prepare for Modernization

The largest risk for a modernization project is poor planning and design up front. Vgo helps companies prepare for modernization by analyzing the true make-up of the business and technologies involved and helping to create a practical, realistic plan to move the project forward. This includes planning and architectural design, such as:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Business process inventory
  • Organizational readiness and project/program communication strategy
  • Project planning
  • Architecture/application design guidance and “cook books”
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