Database Transformation Services

Are your databases causing business challenges?

Your business knowledge and relationships are all embodied in your data architecture. Data architecture is one of the most critical aspects of your enterprise. If your databases are not performing to their full potential or are risking your most valuable asset, data, you need to take action. Vgo understands the importance of your database and the data within it.

With all of our services in which we “touch the data”, Vgo and NEOS will include data quality assurance measures to ensure that the current data is completely and accurately ported to the target environment. From conducting basic data profiling to creating balancing reports for financials, Vgo can work with you to determine the most appropriate level for your business need.

The following is a brief list of Database Transformation Services Vgo offers:

  • Got Sybase? Convert to Oracle! Vgo is an Oracle Safe Switch Partner.
  • Conversion of Microsoft and Informix to Oracle.
  • Database impact assessment and remediation due to application conversion.
  • Rationalization and consolidation of databases to simplify IT portfolios.
  • Upgrade of Microsoft and Oracle database installations.
  • Evaluation, recommendation and implementation of database architecture from legacy platforms.

Assessments & Architectural Design
We review your current database architecture, provide design recommendations and help to build out the proper database solution for your next development project.

Upgrades and Migrations
Do you have plans to perform a database upgrade or migration? The Vgo team has extensive experience with the Sybase, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft database stacks.

Coding and Development
From requirements gathering to hands-on development services, our team brings deep knowledge of many database languages such as PL-SQL and T-SQL.

We perform analysis and identify remediation opportunities to improve database performance.

Please Contact Vgo at any time regarding our extensive database transformation offerings.

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