Client-Server Modernization – From Oracle┬« Forms to Java

Evo is an automated legacy modernization tool that enables customers to evolve from client-server applications such as Oracle Forms to pure multi-tier Java web applications. Evo preserves a customers investments by retaining existing business logic and re-architecting a system into a standards-compliant Java application, with the ability of modernizing your Forms to open source Java frameworks including JSF.

This pc-based tool supports a proven methodology for legacy modernization and is backed by an experienced professional services team. Evo is certified by Oracle Corporation as 1 of only 2 third-party solutions in the world to conduct Oracle Forms to Java modernizations.

To accelerate Forms and PL/SQL code migration, Evo:

  • Displays an application’s code elements in an easy-to-navigate tree structure
  • Enables a developer to consolidate code into objects or classes
  • Provides templates which can be modified to generate customized output to comply with in-house standards
  • Generates completely standard and open code with no proprietary components or DLLs

Only Evo can show developers complexities within their source code that can benefit from further definition and enables developers to customize the modernization engine before it goes to work. This next-generation approach improves not only the rate of automated conversion but improves the clarity, quality and maintainability of the resulting converted application.


Object Re-Use Enables Real Multi-Tier Applications

Only Evo enables your modernized application to benefit from multi-tier architecture through a unique object-reuse feature. Developers can identify and consolidate duplicate queries into objects or create classes by merging code with similar logic. The end result is a true, multi-tiered application with aggregated and separate business logic, persistence layer, and user interface.

  • ‘Nominate’ queries, program units, or triggers to be consolidated into objects or classes
  • Appoint one instance as the ‘parent’
  • Decide where to place business logic in your JEE application
  • Make intelligent decisions about an application’s future architecture by providing insight into its code structure

Advanced Analysis Tools to Aid the Forms Conversion Process

Built into Evo is a suite of analysis tools specifically engineered to aid in the Forms conversion process by identifying potentially troublesome or unnecessary sections of the original forms applications.

  • Instances of important Forms Built-in functions and their locations within the application
  • Redundant and unnecessary code and menus
  • Counts of LOV’s and display field associated with a specific form
  • Interdependencies between Forms and libraries
  • Master-detail relationships
  • Each Form’s functions, procedures, triggers, and dependencies on database objects
  • Overall complexity of all loaded Forms with relative scoring based on proven algorithms with specific breakdowns of contributing factors

Realize SOA with Web Services

Evo’s ability to convert Oracle Forms business logic to Web Services provides the only true path to SOA enablement in the market. Web Services generation as part of an Oracle Forms conversion presents a cost-effective solution to properly integrate your legacy Forms application.

Faster Than a Manual Re-write

Evo significantly reduces the time to adopt JEE when converting from client-server Forms applications. Time savings come from the combination of application analysis, interfaces to enable code consolidation, customizable templates for specific output syntax, a proven methodology for managing conversions, and generated code which is easily modified in any IDE.

  • Minimally 50% faster in delivery of conversion projects
  • Converts 50-75% of the PL/SQL in your forms and 80% of the overall Forms code
  • Opens Forms files and displays queries, triggers, packages and program units into a browsable tree structure
  • Extracts business logic and generates appropriate supporting Java constructs
  • Generates persistence layer using existing database

Templates for Customized Output

Evo’s flexible platform uses a template-based architecture to easily create custom syntax. The package already includes many of the most popular Java standard frameworks and can also be customized for your own unique needs. Evo can convert Oracle Forms into the following:

  • MyFaces JSF
  • EJB
  • JDBC
  • Your Custom Framework – Evo’s template-based architecture can easily be modified to accommodate your own specific standards or even your own proprietary framework.

Generates Standard and Maintainable Code with No Proprietary Components

Competing code generators force you into their proprietary world which requires special components, DLLs or other intermediaries for your new application to work. This makes integration into other existing applications or feature additions and modifications more difficult to implement. Finding and retaining staff who is familiar with these proprietary systems also adds difficulty. Evo generates code any Java developer can understand and modify without the use of middleware or other proprietary components.

  • Completely open and standard code which can be understood by any Java developer and read by any IDE
  • No proprietary components or DLLs
  • Generates clearly labeled files in a logical folder structure
  • Easy to integrate and modify the application

Supported with a Proven Methodology and Experienced Professionals

Vgo Software has successfully modernized hundreds of Oracle Forms for large and small clients, and project planning has been a critical determinant of success. We have formalized our experiences into a methodology called Evolutions which offers a step-by-step approach to modernizing a legacy client-server application. This methodology is available as part of any Evo engagement.

  • Evolutions is a step-by-step methodology for modernizing a legacy c/s application
  • Experienced consultants and project managers are provided
  • Planning ensures the quality and strategic positioning of the resulting system


Evo Modernization License Package Includes:

  • 5 day onsite training
  • 1 year of support with the option for longer support at 17% the license cost
  • Full Analysis
  • Application lifetime licenses for both Evo & Art
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