Middleware Transformation Services

Don’t forget your middleware. It is just as important as your applications and databases.

When planning for the modernization of legacy systems, companies must also plan for changes to middleware. Yet because this critical plumbing touches all or most applications, including ones not scheduled for modernization or upgrade, many companies find the prospect daunting.

Vgo understands the inner workings of middleware products. Rely on our experience to help with:

Assessments & Architectural Design
Let our team of seasoned experts help you to make the right decisions around the architecture and design of your information, applications and services.

Upgrades and Migrations
Our experience can help you save time and cost while improving solution quality.

Service Oriented Architecture
We can help you to bring application processing together from disparate and redundant systems, improving efficiency.

Messaging Services
Messaging queuing and routing can be a tremendous asset when implemented correctly. Let us help you avoid the common mistakes.

Identity & Access Management and Entitlement
Leverage modern practices in the areas of data and process security as well as role-based access control.

Please Contact Vgo at any time regarding our extensive middleware transformation offerings.

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