As Evo continues to grow, more options for evolution will be added to the product. Our growth will include additional "source" applications as well as additional "target" language choices.

Currently, Evo supports Oracle Forms Modernization to:

  • Oracle ADF 11g using Business Components
  • Oracle ADFT & ITS using Business Components
  • MyFaces JSF
  • BC4J
  • EJB
  • JDBC
  • Your Custom Framework - Evo's template-based architecture can easily be modified to accommodate your own specific standards or even your own proprietary framework.

Oracle Forms to ADF 11g and ADFT

Java Server Faces (JSF) is Sun's official Java framework for building user interfaces for web applications. JSF is essentially a JSP tag library and an associated object library for maintaining state, validating user input, controlling navigation and other common web application tasks.

ADF Faces is a set of user interface components, including a custom render kit, created by Oracle. These user interface components are implemented as a standard JSF tag library along with all the necessary supporting classes. ADF Faces also supports partial page rendering, which allows for partial refreshes of pages. ADF Faces provides a rich library of JSF widgets.

An interesting benefit of using ADF Faces is the telnet functionality provided by ADFT/ITS (Application Development Framework for Telnet/Industrial Telnet Server). ADFT/ITS provides a facility for building telnet applications using JSF. This is an ideal option for companies that are moving forward with J2EE but still need to support legacy hardware such as handheld scanners or vehicle-mounted devices. This option is viable for any client running character-based forms and wishes to move to an enterprise-class JEE environment.

Evo was the first (and remains the best) software for migrating character-based Oracle Forms to a true enterprise-class JEE solution by converting to Oracle ADF for Telnet (ADFT).

Evo is also the first software to successful convert Oracle Forms to ADF 11g.

Vgo Software partners closely with Oracle product development to ensure that the ADF 11g conversion option is optimized. Evo is recognized as 1 of only 2 third-party solutions certified by Oracle product development to perform Oracle Forms modernizations to Java.

Oracle Forms to MyFaces JSF

The MyFaces JSF implementation is the continuation of the Oracle ADF Faces components donated to the Apache Foundation and that are now available as an Open Source product. MyFaces is still a part of Oracle ADF Faces but there is no licensing fee required by Oracle for a client to use the MyFaces components. Oracle will not provide support for the use of these components.