Vgo and the Oracle Safe Switch Program

Modernize your Legacy Database Platform with Vgo and Oracle Safe Switch

Vgo supports the Oracle Safe Switch Program.  Oracle has selected Vgo as a trusted partner to help customers move from Sybase database and applications to Oracle. 

The switch to Oracle from Sybase truly is a modernization activity.  Companies undergoing this activity are looking to mitigate cost, risk and agility issues even before the acquisition of Sybase by SAP.  Legacy Sybase ASE installations suffer from lack of flexibility and optimized levels of performance.  PowerBuilder applications have long since been out-paced by web technologies and lack the openness required to integration with other applications.  With the acquisition of Sybase by SAP, customers are left wondering about production support, cost increases and lack of significant product enhancements, on top of an outmoded architecture.

Vgo and Oracle, through the Safe Switch program, can help you realize the true business potential, cost savings and advanced technology foundation your business requires to succeed.

Sybase Conversion Services
Using a combination of processes, technology and years of experience, Vgo can ensure an optimal migration of your application to Oracle.  The following is a list of services Vgo offers in support of the migration from Sybase to Oracle:

  • Migration of Sybase ASE v11.x thru v15.x to Oracle RDBMS v11g
  • Conversion of all T/SQL to PL/SQL (or also to Java, if requested)
  • Remediation, or conversion, of code in application tier to work with Oracle 11g
  • Remediation, or conversion, of reporting, batch and server-side code to work with Oracle 11g
  • Optimization of the database once on Oracle 11g
  • Architecture evaluation of adoption of the Oracle Fusion Middleware as well as Oracle database
  • Conversion of PowerBuilder to Java

Vgo Safe Switch Business Assurance
Most companies focus on the technical problem at hand, converting Sybase to Oracle, for example.  Where most projects fail is the lack of inclusion of the user of the application – the business partner.  Vgo makes business partner inclusion a key activity throughout any engagement, on equal ground to the migration aspects of adopting Oracle.  Why?

  • Position to leverage Oracle capabilities that better enable business processing, making the migration not simply an IT cost saver, but also a key strategic business activity.
  • Some conversion aspects may change business processing.
  • Organizational impacts for the IT team - training in Oracle or Java technologies, staffing plans, organizational alignment
  • Quality assurance, testing and the confidence of your business partner must be considered.

Vgo has been trusted by some of the world’s most recognized companies to help modernize their Sybase databases and applications because of our attention to bringing out the best of their business applications on Oracle, and by paying close attention to the business users that use the applications. 
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