Vgo Software provides modernization solutions and tools-assisted services that support the modernization of legacy technologies. Vgo uses proven proprietary methodologies and products to provide the most complete, efficient and high-quality modernization services in the industry. Our concept of “holistic modernization” means that we take a complete look at the impact and neccessities required to modernize technology, not just the individual technology component. With a historic focus on Oracle applications and database, Vgo has additional capabilitiy in modernizing Microsoft, Sybase and IBM technologies as well.


Vgo Software was created based on intellectual property developed through many professional services engagements conducted by its parent company, NEOS LLC. Our products and offerings are based on real-world experience from hands-on projects delivered to clients. Founded in 2005, Vgo has been fortunate to work with clients around the world in modernizing enterprise applications. Vgo has also built patent-pending software, Evo and ART, that provide efficiency to modernization efforts. In 2011, Vgo has shifted its focus to provide additional modernization services, leveraging its investment in intelligent products to provide the utmost in efficiency to its clients.


Vgo Software’s services and products will continue to expand in functionality as well as grow in scale. It is our intent to continue to provide superior, thoughtful and innovative modernizations solutions to clients world-wide.

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