Robert Nocera, Partner

RobNoceraRob has multi-disciplinary technical skills throughout enterprise architecture technologies. His business expertise includes financial services, media and pharmaceuticals where he has worked with companies such as The Hartford, Nielsen Media and Pfizer, Inc. At those companies he has worked on key projects, specializing in internet and intranet applications.

As CTO of NEOS, Rob leads the technology drive for the company and is the visionary behind the NEOS product set including the development of Vgo Software.  Rob’s work on the Vgo product set started when he realized that a small consulting firm like NEOS needed a tool that could give them a competitive edge.  His keen insight into existing patterns and intense dislike of tedious redundant work, that can be prevalent in IT shops, led to the creation of Vgo.  As an in-house development aid, the tool helped NEOS win project work and keep client’s technology moving forward.

The usefulness of the tool and the cost savings led to the vision expanding to a point where Vgo would become part of the NEOS toolset.  Rob led the expansion effort to turn the in-house development into a ready-for-market development tool. As the needs of clients changed, Rob has helped evolve the NEOS and Vgo from purely technical solutions companies, to become trusted business solutions providers.

Rob’s concentration has always been on practical real-world technologies and tools.  He has written white papers on the realities of code re-use in Java and the benefits of Model 2 architectures in Web applications.  The work that NEOS has done on Equilibrium in the past and currently on Vgo, reflect that experience.

Rob holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Rob maintains the JavaHair blog, including articles on Java, ADF, Vgo products, and programming in general.

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