Why Partner With Vgo Software?


Stability, Reliability, and Experience

At Vgo Software, our mission is to accelerate the evolution from legacy client-server applications to scalable, web-enabled enterprise applications through software products and services to customers worldwide. Vgo Software offers your professional services organization a unique opportunity to profit from Oracle Forms modernization projects.

Vgo Software is one of only two “Oracle Forms® Migration Partners” certified to conduct modernization conversions. Vgo utilizes proven proprietary methodologies and software products including ART, an Oracle Forms® and PowerBuilder Application Portfolio Analysis Tool that quickly determines any legacy application’s complexities.

Modernization is a Must

  • SOA is a reality allow your clients to expose and leverage their current Forms application
  • Clients are looking for best practices and business-value while modernizing
  • Oracle Forms® and PowerBuilder applications remain integral to application environments
  • Modernization with ART and Evo allows for evolving and re-architecting of client systems
  • Client/Server modernization projects are made more efficient with Evo
  • ART and Evo the best way to modernize a client/server application


The Vgo Product Focus

We offer ART and Evo , highly customizable application portfolio assessment and modernization products, and Evolutions, a proven methodology for re-engineering legacy client/server applications to web applications. With Vgos new productivity and automation tools, you can now offer a higher-quality application modernization more affordably than ever before possible. Leveraging Vgo Softwares technology provides you new inroads to existing customers and generates new relationships with a group of highly attractive prospects.

Vgo Partners


Oracle is the world leader in integrated enterprise technology. Ranging from its best-in-class database platform, to its Fusion Middleware solutions, to its Cloud and Exa-Stack offerings, Oracle has built a dominate position as a trusted partner to its global clientele.

Not only is Vgo Software a Gold Partner of Oracle, allowing Vgo Software full access to Oracle’s product portfolios, but Oracle has identified Vgo Software as a modernization partner. As a modernization partner, Vgo Software assists new and existing Oracle customers to adopt Oracle technologies from existing, platforms. Vgo Software’s services and products offer database and application modernization services to support migration to Oracle products.


Practical Transitions LLC (“Prac Trans”) provides modernization, migration, and data conversion solutions for the Fortune 1000 and State Governments.

Vgo Software and its consulting division, NEOS LLC, have partnered with Prac Trans to provide more inclusive portfolio modernization solutions and conversion services for mainframe and other legacy application environments.


Primesoft is a certified Vgo Software implementation partner in Portugal and Spain. Primesoft is a Consulting and Technology Company focused on providing modernization and BPM solutions to the Iberian market. Founded in 2004, Primesoft has been the trusted partner of major European public and corporate entities to modernize business operations.

Through the partnership, Primesoft utilizes Vgo Software’s modernization tools, ART and Evo™, to perform modernization projects. Additionally, Primesoft is a partner with Vgo Software’s consulting division, NEOS LLC, to bring “holistic modernization” to the Iberian market.


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